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Residential Carpet Cleaning & More

MaxCare's Hot Water (steam extraction) is the most effective cleaning method available; we call it "Max Deep Clean". This cleaning method is approved by all major carpet manufacturers. Carpets are refreshed and indoor air quality is greatly improved. Deodorizers and Protectors are also available. Industry tests have shown regular cleaning extends a carpet's life and can actually maintain a new appearance throughout the life of the carpet. Max Deep Clean is a clean you'll never forget.

Upholstery Cleaning

  • MaxCare's cleaning process gently lifts out soils without damaging the fabric.
  • Special attention is given to heavily soiled areas and stains.
  • MaxCare has trained upholstery specialists.

Yacht Interior Cleaning

We are the quality leaders in professional interior cleaning for the yachting community.

MaxCare's complete yacht interior cleaning service includes everything you need to keep your yacht interior looking its best:

  • Vacuum and/or sweep and mop hard floor surfaces
  • Dust and clean horizontal surfaces (cabinets, tables, furniture, walls, etc.)
  • Remove smudges around door jams, push plates, light switches, glass fixtures, handles, thresholds
  • Clean and sanitize heads
  • Wipe down and disinfect showers, sinks, counter tops, toilets, mirrors, walls
  • Refill soap and paper dispensers (from customer stock)
  • Wash interior windows
  • Clean interior/exterior appliances
  • Wipe and sanitize counter tops
  • Clean bar area including bottles
  • Dust audio/video equipment
  • Vacuum carpet and upholstery (If deep cleaning is necessary, a detailed estimate will be furnished)
  • Report any unusual conditions

Daily, weekly, monthly service programs are available!

Floor Cleaning

MaxCare's indoor/outdoor pressure washing unit delivers seven gallons of water per minute at 800 psi! High pressure cleaning is the optimal method to clean tile and grout applications. Our tile and grout services are available for indoor and outdoor applications to clean ceramic tile and other hard surfaces in your kitchen, walkways, lobby, deck or patio.

A Fast, Thorough Clean

Our process retrieves the water as it cleans. This not only reduces the risk of standing water, it also means there is no mess and drying time is quick!

Clean for You and the Planet

Our cleaning agents are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Additional Services

  • Grout sealing
  • Marble crystallization and polishing
  • Mexican Tile glazing
  • Strip & waxing of VCT tiles
  • Removal of manufacturer's seal on commercial vinyl floors.

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